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    November 09th 2018

    STEM Stage Show for Year 8

    Year 8 were invited this term to attend a STEM Stage Show, hosted by GSA and Siemens. The event, SeeWomen, aims to encourage more young girls to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Held at the London home of Siemens, The Crystal, the girls got to have a hands-on experience, as well as hearing from BBC Presenter Fran Scott. Two girls give their account of the trip.


    Year 8s went out to The Crystal in London to attend a STEM conference.  When we got there, we had the opportunity to look around the building and explore kinetic energy, science, and how to save energy.

    Inside there were some activities we could do that would change the “Environment” depending on what we pressed and what we decided was right. These kinds of activities raise social awareness about pollution and what is killing our environment. 

    After exploring the building, we went to the stage show to listen about engineering and why we should go into it and why we shouldn’t be ashamed of “being the only girl in the department”. We also learned that engineering isn’t all about fixing and making new things, so I am proud to say, in a nutshell, that Year 8 thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the STEM conference stage show in London; below are some pictures taken at the event by Tara, Molly, and Elena, as well as Miss Berry.

    - Phoebe and Tunmise, Year 8

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