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November 27th 2018

Year 9 Wow with Shakespeare

Year 9 came together fantastically to give a stunning performance at both The Woodville Theatre in Gravesend and in our Drama Studio.

This term, they have been taking part in the National Shakespeare School Festival, the largest of its kind in the UK. The girls were given an abridged version of an entire Shakespeare Text, which for Cobham hall was ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Drama teacher Ms Gorman said, “The biggest challenge was getting all of Year 9 onstage for the whole time, creating a collaborative performance.  The girls performed superbly, and at The Woodville, they were by far the most visually interesting, disciplined and entertaining.”

Over the course of their two months of rehearsal time, the girls’ performance skills greatly developed and they united incredibly well as a group, looking out for each other, supporting each other.

Bella commented afterwards about the experience of being onstage at The Woodville Halls, “Practice, after practice, after practice and we were finally ready for the event at Woodville Halls.  As we walked into the dressing room, it finally kicked into me that we were going to be standing on that stage and performing, and at that moment I was so quiet (which is very unlike me!); everyone was so nervous. As the time of our performance was drawing closer, we did a vocal warm up, just something to get our adrenaline running. We walked backstage and stood there for a moment. As we all walked on and looked out we were all amazed. I could not believe that this day had come so quickly: after all the sweat, tears and laughter, we had finally made it. What an experience!”

The girls subsequently gave a repeated performance for their peers and staff who were unable to attend the performance at The Woodville. A polished performance astounded the audience, and gave the spotlight to girls who may otherwise have been overlooked in a bigger production.

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