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December 04th 2018

What an Experience!

This term, Year 9 have been working on a collaborative performance of an abridged version of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. This culminated with a performance at The Woodville Halls theatre in Gravesend.  Bella and Rhiannon share their experience.



“When Mrs Gorman said that we were doing a Shakespeare festival so many thing entered our heads: ‘I can’t do Shakespeare’, ‘What do we have to wear’, ‘When is it’, and ‘Where is it’, but most worryingly, ‘Do we have enough time?’ Despite the fact that we overloaded her with questions, Ms Gorman reassured us that it would all be fine.

We had a week to learn our audition pieces, followed by lots of rehearsals but when it got closer to the date of performing it, we all started to panic, wondering if we’d be ready, or if we’d forget our lines.

When it came to the day, we were all panicked but knew that we would do amazingly well.  When it was our turn to take the stage, we were all so scared but afterwards, we were all so happy that we had done such a good job.

It was such a good experience for all of us and we all can’t wait to do it again.  Mrs Gorman made it so enjoyable.”

- Rhiannon


“When I first heard that we would be doing a play, I didn’t really realise how much work would go into it.  Once we got back from summer, I completely forgot that we had an audition and so it was a rush to remember my lines beforehand! I was stressing that I would forget my lines but to my surprise I didn’t, and became ‘Egeus’.

As time went on, I was getting more and more worried about everything. Practice, after practice, after practice and we were finally ready for the event at Woodville Halls.  As we walked into the dressing room, it finally kicked into me that we were going to be standing on that stage and performing, and at that moment I was so quiet (which is very unlike me!); everyone was so nervous. As the time of our performance was drawing closer, we did a vocal warm up, just something to get our adrenaline running. We walked backstage and stood there for a moment. As we all walked on and looked out we were all amazed. I could not believe that this day had come so quickly: after all the sweat, tears and laughter, we had finally made it. What an experience!”

- Bella


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