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November 21st 2018

Forum Tackles Topical Debate

Our Humanities Forum meets termly to tackle and discuss topical issues. This half term, the topic for debate was the formal act of Remembrance.

In the second half of the term, Anna and Alessi, both Year 12 pupils studying History and Politics, debated the motion, “This Forum believes that now the centenary has passed it is no longer necessary or beneficial to continue with formal acts of remembrance of the First World War.”

Alessi opened in favour of the motion, recapping Armistice Day and affirming that regardless of whether or not formal acts of remembrance were held, it is still an important time in the nation’s history, and so would still be taught in schools. However, she argued that as the primary focus is on the First World War, those who fell in subsequent wars are not remembered with the same intensity, and that as the centenary passes, “nationally there is no collective grief that can reasonably be shared.”

Anna countered the motion, arguing that the two-minute silence has even more significance in today’s world, an age of constant bombardment of information through our mobile phones, where we often forget to take the time to think, to remember, and to be grateful for the sacrifices made by those we did not even know, nor they us. Anna also stated that Remembrance Day serves not only as a vital reminder of the consequences of war, but as a pivotal moment for fundraising, which contributes vital welfare to former members of our Armed Services.

The girls at coped well with questions from the floor, put to them by peers and staff members, with discussions covering support of war veterans, social media and government intervention.  

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