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December 07th 2018

Competition, Support and Workshops: A busy term for our Artist-in-Residence

Our Artist-in-Residence, Miss Bowdery, has been incredibly busy this term. One project has been to support and encourage Year 12 Art students to enter the Maidstone Young Artist Award competition.

Working with a theme of 'Friends', the girls had their own ideas and interpretations of the theme and produced a variety of final pieces. These included sculpture, prints, paintings and mixed media.  The girls, and Miss Bowdery, all submitted their entries on Monday, along with a 100-word description.

Miss Bowdery hosted a workshop earlier this term for the girls. She introduced them to her on-site studio, and discussed how she sought inspiration and developed ideas.  She also offered one-to-one discussions and encouraged the girls to push beyond their comfort zones. “I was very impressed with the commitment the girls put in,” she said after they submitted their entries, “and I can’t wait to work with them for the next competition.”

Year 12 pupil India reflected on having Miss Bowdery on site, “Having an Artist-in-Residence, especially someone that is always so inclined to help, has allowed the ideas I have created to be pushed and positively influenced. It has given me the ability to try new artistic processes, as Miss Bowdery is prepared to help in any way possible. It has been beneficial for me to talk to Miss Bowdery about university and creative pathways for the future.” 

As well as this particular competition, and classroom assistance, our Artist-in-Residence has had a busy term.  Amongst other things, Miss Bowdery has been available to students to discuss any issues or difficulties they are experiencing, has also led workshops for Year 10, an installation workshop, and led a Photography trip to Gravesend with Year 12.  She’s also taken the lead on the Year 6 Taster Afternoon Art activity.

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