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March 04th 2019

Artist-in-Residence's Art Wows Students

Artist-in-Residence Miss Bowdery hosted her first exhibition here last week. With works created during her time at Cobham Hall so far, the exhibition ‘To SHIVER yourself awake’ was enjoyed by staff and students alike, with some girls even bringing their parents in to view the pieces.

Inspired by techniques learned during her time at Cobham Hall, Miss Bowdery’s exhibition demonstrated how she has explored the fragility of the human psyche, vulnerability and a communication with her surrounding space. Consisting of photography, sculpture and new media, Miss Bowdery’s installations express a moment of serenity in such a fast-paced world.

Head of Art Mrs Walsh took each of her classes to visit the exhibition and was delighted to see the girls’ reactions to the installation. “They really engaged with it,” she explained. “Some of the younger students were expecting to just see paintings on the wall so were surprised to be able to walk through the work and touch it. They asked Miss Bowdery some really insightful questions about her inspiration, about what the work meant and how she created the pieces.

“What’s been lovely,” Mrs Walsh enthused, “is that, particularly with the older girls, we’re seeing some of Katie’s methods and influence transferring into their work. It’s a real two-way relationship though, as a lot of what we explore in class is also coming through in Miss Bowdery’s work.”

“When I first walked into the exhibition,” explained Year 7 pupil Amy, “I thought it was really unique, because I was expecting just paintings on the wall. There were leaves hanging from the ceiling, rocks around the floor and abstract and 3D paintings on the wall. We could feel the different textures.”

For fellow Year 7 Darcie, the exhibition was also a shock, “I didn’t realise how big it was going to be,” she commented. “I really liked seeing all the effort Miss Bowdery put in.”

During the visits, Miss Bowdery was available for the girls to speak to. “Miss Bowdery said that she liked that her sculpture was forming over time by people walking past and touching it,” reflected Alice, also Year 7, “so that the strings clustered together to change its overall appearance.  I thought her exhibition was intriguing.”

“As soon as I walked into her exhibition,” said Jenna, “I was amazed because it wasn’t at all what I expected. I didn’t know where to look as there was so much to look at. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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