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March 07th 2019

Back to School for Year 7 Parents

The Science lab was full of eager pupils on Saturday morning, but instead of the girls, it was their parents!

Following on from a previous successful Parent Workshop, Head of Science, Mr Fryer, decided to again open his lab for parents of our Year 7s.   Explaining why, Mr Fryer said, “A key reason for offering these sessions to parents is to allow them to experience what their daughters do in a typical Science lesson.”

It was a morning of discovery for the ‘students’ as they began to understand the pressure of following the instructions exactly, but the elation of successfully carrying out an experiment and seeing the result. Parents carried out several experiments including diffusion, chromatography, and making a temporary slide of onion cells and using a microscope to observe a cell nucleus, and separating salt from a mixture of sand and salt, by filtration and then evaporation. 

There was much joy and reliving of school days as the Bunsen Burners came out!

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