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March 11th 2019

Egg-citing Times in Science

Mr Fryer’s Year 7 Science class were thrilled when the first of the fertilised eggs that were delivered began to hatch during their lesson.

The presence of the eggs, and subsequently the chicks, give girls the chance to experience first-hand just how rapid the development is from fresh hatchling to the cute, fluffy chicks we recognise. “As always,” explained Head of Science Mr Fryer, “respect for the chicks is absolutely paramount. Their presence prompts the girls to not only understand and witness their growth, but opens wider debate around farming, vegetarianism, and care for animals.”

Once the chicks had developed, girls had the opportunity to handle them. For many this meant overcoming fear – including fear of hurting the chicks, or fear of being pecked. Girls from across the School took the opportunity, and it was the first time many had held a chick.

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