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February 27th 2019

Girls become Wellbeing Ambassadors

Cobham Hall has always had a strong Peer Mentoring system, but this took a leap forward this term when David Gumbrell of Teach Well Alliance was invited into school by Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Miss Fenice for a Training Day.

30 girls assembled in Clifton Common Room with the aim of becoming the School’s first Wellbeing Ambassadors. They were encouraged to think about and explore different aspects of Wellbeing, including the impact of poor wellbeing. They were also given guidance on how to spot pupils who may need support, and how to work with staff.  Through role-play, the girls were able to understand concepts of active listening, and using neutral statements and open questions.

Miss Fenice commented, “The girls were really engaged for the whole day. They all worked incredibly hard and it was wonderful seeing girls from Year 12 working with Year 7s, all with the same aim. I was extremely proud of how focused the girls were and how they engaged with David and the topics discussed.”

At the end of the course, Wellbeing Student Ambassadors were provided with a reference handbook, a certificate and a badge, awarded in assembly to denote their role as an Ambassador.  The girls will now be encouraged to put the training to work, by supporting their peers and bringing any issues to the attention of staff.


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