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March 08th 2019

Art in Action: The Creative Process

IMG 20190306 124020For our Year 12 A Level Art and Photography students, this year has been an opportunity to really explore their creativity. They regularly have the opportunity to work with and discuss ideas with our Artist-in-Residence, but they have also had a number of external visits.  The most recent was to The Emmanuel Centre for ‘Art in Action’: a study day focusing on the creative process. 

Head of Art Mrs Walsh explained the day, “It was an eye-opening and visually stimulating programme. During this immersive experience, students had the chance to meet and hear from four leading contemporary artists working in different areas of Art and Design. Through their fascinating presentations, the artists explored their unique creative journeys, what inspired them, and how they turned an idea into a work of art. The girls returned to school inspired and brimming with ideas for their own work.”

The girls were able to hear from ceramic artist Kate Malone, celebrated milliner Piers Atkinson, Royal Academician Fiona Rae, and photographer Simon Roberts.

“The creatives spoke comprehensively about their own crafts,” explained Year 12 pupil India, “including insight and contextual triggers. To have been able to hear them talk about their own works was extremely interesting, and a new concept for me: visiting exhibitions more typically stimulates a viewer’s own response to the artworks presented, without overly explaining the artist’s own intentions. Although essential for viewers to have their own perceptions, knowing the artist’s reasoning gave me a fresh insight.”


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