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April 04th 2019

Developing Self-Esteem with Dove

In early April, Years 7 and 8 took part in a workshop lead by Nadia Mendoza of the Self-Esteem Team, who support the Dove Self-Esteem Project.

The girls were encouraged to reflect on society’s opinions on the perfect man and perfect woman, and the results demonstrated that the societal view of a ‘perfect’ woman was mostly based on appearance, and a ‘perfect’ man on what other values he has to offer.

Nadia then showed the girls how these views have changed throughout the last 100 years, showing that while something may be deemed attractive now, in a few years, it’ll change. Reflecting on her own experience of growing up, she explained that she never felt represented by the ‘model’ image and that the more she tried to fit society’s ideals, the less happy she became.

The discussion moved on to what makes people unique, and these showed much more value based characteristics. To further emphasise this difference, Nadia asked the girls to consider the last compliment they gave someone, and think about who they know that they would like to spend two weeks with, and why that person. The responses showed that compliments were mostly appearance-based whilst spending time with someone showed inner values.

Nadia explained how even though while watching TV, or scrolling through social media can make us feel insecure and sad about not match those societal ideals, we perpetuate it by complimenting people based on looks rather than values, giving the impression that appearance is of more worth than who they are as a person.

The workshop ended with Nadia challenging the girls to create a ripple effect of complimenting inner values more than appearance, and to question appearance ideals.

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