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May 14th 2019

Amelia Troubridge Hosts Photography Workshop

Cobham Hall Elder Amelia Troubridge returned to the School earlier this week to give an Assembly and host a workshop with Photography students.

Since leaving school, Amelia has established herself as a top photographer, working with the brands such as Jimmy Choo, Google, The BBC, MTV, Cancer Research, Universal Records and Revolution Films. She has worked with magazines including Vogue, Tatler, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine and Vanity Fair, and has photographed celebrities and politicians from Mickey Rourke to David Cameron. Having published several books of her work, Amelia also uses her photography for social commentary, having worked with WomenforWomen, and highlighting the work done to help women rebuild their lives after the destruction and devastation of war in countries such as Kosovo and Bosnia.

Amelia’s Assembly was inspiring, telling the girls stories of her early life as a photographer, including her travels across Brazil, and knocking on the door of Ronnie Biggs. Photography teacher Ms Lockheart commented, “Amelia was truly inspirational for the girls and it was an absolute joy to have her here. I hope to be able to arrange for her to come back again.”

Christine, a Year 12 Photography student, enjoyed the workshop. “Amelia encouraged us to be brave,” she explained, “and to change our perspective on the world.” This was echoed by fellow Year 12 Julia, who took away the message that “Being yourself is the key to your success in the future”.


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