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May 24th 2019

The Intelligence of Imagination

This year’s Summer Art exhibition was a stunning display of the depth of talent with the Art Department, from the early beginnings in Year 7, through to the dedication and flair of our senior artists. As an additional element this year, our Artist-in-Residence, Miss Bowdery, also exhibited her work – a wonderful collection of artwork created during her year here.

Girls spoke eloquently about their work with visitors, explaining concepts and ideas as well as methods of creating their pieces. The variety in the approach to the themes being worked on shows the creativity and personality of each girl. Equally impressive to view are the documented investigations and visual journeys as concepts are developed and brought to life.

“Art in Schools is so important,” explained Head of Art Mrs Walsh to the assembled guests. “It’s not about learning to draw, paint or take a good photograph. It enables our young students to be critical, innovative thinkers, to problem solve, express, communicate, create and experiment freely. Art is a learned process that requires a continua of experience and application. I believe that Cobham Hall, through its courses and extra-curricular activities, offers ample opportunities and space for our students. We are arming the girls, our future thinkers, with the intelligence of imagination.  Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited but imagination is not.”

Evidence of the girls’ imagination wasn’t far away either, with pieces exploring themes including architecture, landscape, cubism, aboriginal work, movement, sculpture, nature, war, reflection and environment.

If you missed the Exhibition, you can see full range of artwork here

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