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May 27th 2019

Choral Makeover for Pop

The annual Summer Music Concert is always a popular event, and each year has a different theme. This year, that theme was “Is there Life on Mars?”

Our Chamber Choir, Benesonantes, opened with ‘At Last’ by Aretha Franklin, and where joined by the full Choir for Bacharach’s ‘Say a Little Prayer’, What followed was whirlwind journey through a string of popular hits from rock, pop and soul legends such as Queen, The Beatles, David Bowie, and Whitney Houston, Abba, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, and Coldplay. As well as the choirs, the audience also enjoyed solo talents, and instrumentalists.

The choral arrangements of many popular hits demonstrated the range of talent within the choir and at the end of the show, our Head of Music commented on how proud she was of the girls’ performances.

We look forward to next year’s concert!

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