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June 18th 2019

A Production Fit for a Superhero

In the Summer Term, the spotlight of the Drama Studio turned to our Lower School. Following in the footsteps of Year 9 in the Autumn Term and Years 10 to 13 in the Spring Term, girls in Years 7 to 8 staged their version of Katie Douglas’s ‘I Got Superpowers for my Birthday’.

As was evident with both ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘The Sad Club’, the smaller cast numbers enabled otherwise quiet girls to shine, and the opportunity to watch them enjoy their roles was wonderful.

Similar to ‘The Sad Club’, the play was perfectly in sync with the girls playing the roles, dealing with issues they too may face - albeit minus the giant slug!  The play told the story of three remarkably different young girls, all united by the fact that they would be turning 13 on the same day...and all woke up to discover they had gained superpowers.  With these superpowers they decide to rid the world of giant slugs, dragons, and the evil ‘Darkness’.  Their journey of discovery unites them as teenagers as they discover that 
dealing with the insecurities of growing up can be equally as daunting as fighting dragons!

A huge congratulations to the girls, who worked incredibly well together as an ensemble. 

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