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October 10th 2019

Girls welcome Ted on World Mental Health Day

IMG 4197Cobham Hall regularly marks World Mental Health Day with a yellow-themed non-uniform day. Supporting the Young Mind’s #HelloYellow campaign, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Ms Caro Fenice encourages the school community to don their brightest yellows and join her in the Wellbeing Centre at lunchtime for hot chocolate.  

This year, there was an extra special guest waiting to greet the girls: Ted the greyhound. Dogs at Cobham Hall are not an unusual sight - resident pups include Bella and Jess, the Headmistress’s Golden Retriever and Black Labrador; Ariel, Ms Fenice’s Lurcher; and Freddie, Housemistress Mrs Jackson’s German Shepherd, not to mention the dogs that occasionally come in with teachers.   But what makes Ted special is that he is an official ‘Pets as Therapy (PAT)’ dog. 

Having undergone an assessment by a PAT vet, Ted is now becoming part of the School’s Wellbeing programme and will be in school regularly for the girls.  His owner, Mrs Bonner said, “Ted makes a great therapy dog. He never tells your secrets, never tells you you're being silly and always cares!”  

Ted was a big hit with the girls, and certainly enjoyed lots of pats and cuddles! 

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