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November 04th 2019

Award-Winning Artist Shares Expertise with A Level Students

Just before half term, our Art Department was lucky enough to introduce Jeanette Barnes into Cobham Hall for a full day workshop with A Level Art and Photography students, as well as selected scholars. 

Jeanette Barnes is multi-award-winning artist who studied at the prestigious Royal Academy as well as Royal College of Art, and now is a tutor at Royal Drawing School and Royal Academy. Barnes has been exhibiting her work around London for over 20 years and won numerous awards including the 2019 ‘Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize’ just a few days before the workshop.  

Barnes constructs huge detailed charcoal drawings of urban landscapes – highlighting the movement of such populated places and layers of architectural detail. She explains, “These drawings are not about one single moment, but a combination of ideas and experiences, bringing together the most interesting aspects from different sketches to create the final piece.”  

This workshop was packed with numerous exciting drawing exercises, aimed to improve and develop mark making techniques, use of charcoal and thought on composition. Barnes entered with the same amount of enthusiasm and energy as she demonstrates in her artwork. Inspiring all the students to push themselves and their materials to create an intensity in their outcomes.  

The students were lucky enough to be provided with an in-depth artist talk, learning how Jeanette constructs her images from a variety of sketches and photographs of each location.  

Each student left with multiple successful outcomes demonstrating a range of new abilities. Challenged by some of the exercises, each piece was remarkably different and showed a personal level of understanding on composition and tone. Everyone pushed themselves and their skills, by the end finding a respect for the materials and techniques they had used.  

Mrs Walsh and Ms Bowdery was very impressed with the day: it was highly productive and valuable experience for our Art students and we hope to invite Jeanette Barnes again in the future. 

Written by Ms Bowdery

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