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November 05th 2019

Sign Language Taster

One lunchtime this term, staff and students were invited to a taster lesson on British Sign Language (BSL). Many were eager to take part following an earlier assembly.  

Earlier in the term, Head of Languages Miss Caro, along with PA Mrs Elliman, a former BSL Interpreter, gave an assembly to highlight the impact of learning sign language.  The assembly demonstrated how isolating it can feel to be left out of a conversation because you can’t understand. By signing between themselves, Miss Caro and Mrs Elliman were able to impress upon the girls that for the deaf community, not being able to hear a conversation can make them feel excluded. 

Additionally, learning BSL not only enables the deaf and hard of hearing community to communicate with more people, but it can also be used elsewhere.  Miss Caro, after the birth of her first child, discovered that learning sign language was a great way to communicate with her son before he is able to say his first words. She explained, “Learning BSL at a Baby Tiny Talk class just opened my eyes about the struggles Deaf people face, as well as opening a great way of communicating with my baby.” 

The taster lesson was a great introduction to learning BSL. Girls were able to sign their names, as well as learn some of the signs for animals, colours and greetings. The video below shows girls signing their names. 

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