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November 12th 2019

Truth Wins

This year’s National Poetry Day theme was ‘Truth’, and so Head of English Miss West challenged the school community to submit their Truth poems. 

Here are the winning entries from Jess and Lexie, who won the Year 7-9 and Year 10+ categories respectively.  


Dark and Twisted Creatures 


Dark and Twisted Creatures 

Laying in your stomach 

A miniature beseecher 

Telling you to keep quiet 


Squirming in your innards 

Turning and contorting 

Constantly burrowing inwards 

You can always hear it snorting 


But people keep on prodding it 

Squishing it and scrunching it 

Trying to coax truth out of it 

Consistently attacking it 


It’s a lot of work 

Protecting the lie 

So helpless and defenceless 

I decided ‘Enough was enough!’ 

And I beat it senseless 


I tore it out of my tummy 

It started writhing and screaming 

I squeezed and squeezed until it popped 

And so the truth was 


Truth Poem 


The sun will rise every morning 

The moon will take its place every night 

Strike a match and light will come 

Blow it out and darkness will replace it 


All of this is true 

Yet only when someone said ‘Let there be light’ 

Was darkness created 

And only when the moon was made 

Could the sun chase it endlessly 


Order needs chaos for it to exist 

Same as how day needs night 

Predator needs prey 

And truth needs lie. 


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