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November 08th 2019

Barbados Netball Tour 

During the October Half-Term break, 23 students and three teachers went to Barbados for a Netball Tour.  On Sunday 20th October, we all had an early wake up to get to school for 6:00am!  

Our flight departed from Gatwick at 11:20am. After a long but fun flight, we arrived in Barbados and transferred to the lovely Butterfly Beach Hotel, where we swam in the pool and had a great dinner!

The following morning, we enjoyed an early breakfast at the hotel then went on a Jeep Safari Island Tour which lasted all day!  This was one of the highlights of the trip because the views of the beautiful island were outstanding.  We played our favourite pop songs, singing along with the lyrics, and went off-road down bumpy lanes, which was so fun much even though Mrs Hooper didn’t enjoy the bumps! 

Day 3 saw us complete a two-hour coaching session with local Barbadian coaches. They were amazing and prepared us well for our forthcoming matches.  We learned new techniques and great phrases such as “The ball is not hot!” The day ended with us relaxing by the pool, before our first match the next day, against Springers Memorial School. The Juniors amazingly beat Springers in the 30-degree heat which was incredible.  The Seniors lost overall but won two quarters and played very well. 

Our second match was the following day at the Netball Stadium.  The Juniors won, showing fantastic sportsmanship and although the Seniors lost, they showed outstanding resilience pulling together a tough second quarter and closed the gap, to finish by winning the last quarter convincingly.  Another close match with lots learned.  

The next day was a rest day, and we had a catamaran cruise!  We set sail on the El Tigre Catamaran, where we had the opportunity to visit shipwrecks, snorkel through coral reefs, and swim with turtles!  We had a lovely buffet lunch on board before returning back to land.  We also got to stand outside Rihanna's house!  

We had our final netball match on our last full day in Barbados.  Both Seniors and Juniors played really well but both teams lost against a tough club team!  We all learned a lot from each of the matches. On our last night, we all went to the Tiki Bar to have dinner and we had a prize presentation.  

We enjoyed a relaxing last morning in Barbados then went to the airport for an overnight flight back to England. It was a shock when we arrived back to 0-degrees compared to 30! Everyone had an amazing time and learnt a lot of new netball tactics which we will continue to use back in England. 

- Tara, Year 9

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