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January 22nd 2020

Sculpture Workshop with Ty Locke

Last Saturday, Year 10 and 11 were lucky enough to have a full day workshop with upcoming artist Ty Locke. Ty Locke has had an incredibly successful art career since graduating from UCA Canterbury in 2018 and shows work in multiple exhibitions every year. He has been a part of the Margate Art Festival for the past two years, took part in and then ran the CRATE graduate programme, worked as an Artist Assistant for a successful sculptor, before moving to London in September to begin his Masters in Sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art. During our workshop students learned about what an artist does and can do and were encouraged by his enthusiastic and charismatic persona.  

The day began with an artist talk, learning about Ty’s practice and the unconventional logic behind the creation of his sculptures, starting from his work at university and seeing how it has progressed in the past four years. Then we moved onto four different material/sculpture workshops, each time the students were limited to only one material chosen by the artist. Firstly pegs, then zip ties, hangers and finally sellotape. By limiting the girls to a specific object, they had to carefully consider the material and work with it to make something that was aesthetically appealing. From here they had complete creative freedom to make a sculpture using the material. Taking it apart, bending, balancing, twisting, all the while being encouraged to push the boundaries of each material given. With each object arose a specific problem ‘How do you make a zip tie into a 3D structure without support?’ The students were encouraged to work through and figure out their own solutions to these problems and bring that knowledge into the next sculpture.  

By the end of the day, the students had each created and documented five unique sculptures and came out with a better understanding of what can be done with everyday objects. No longer being able to look at a peg in the same way without considering, ‘What happens if I take this apart?’, ‘What would happen if I balanced these here?’, ‘Maybe I can use this zip tie as a paintbrush?’

They discovered the joy in realising anything can be used for art if you think about it in a different way.  

Both Mrs Walsh (our Head of Arts Faculty) and I were very pleased with the outcomes of the workshop. The Art students learnt many new skills that will be transferred into their own course work. In particular they have learnt that they need to take creative risks and have resilience to solve problems and truly develop ideas effectively.

Written by Ms Bowdery

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