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January 27th 2020

Scholars Head to Masterclass

Last week, a number of scholars attended an event hosted by Academy Conferences. Alice, Year 10, summarises the trip.


A small group of students form Year 10 and above were taken to London to listen to a series of lectures given by a number of Oxford professors.

The day consisted of four lectures and a debate. Each of these were very interesting, discussing subjects outside our Middle School curriculum, particularly psychology.  The lectures included “Why I lived as a badger, an otter, a deer and a swift” by Professor Charles Foster, as well as “Philosophy, Love and Relationships” by Professor Julie Arliss.

The first lecture, “Knowing What You Know and What You Don’t Know: Examining Epistemology”, was also given by Professor Arliss, an accomplished teacher and writer, and was one of our favourites. She discussed the difference between fact and belief; nature versus nurture; and  the difference between people’s personal realities.

“The lecture on Science and the Secret of Happiness was my favourite,” said Enya, Year 10. “I liked it because it was funnier than the others and more relatable.” This lecture was given by Dr Christopher O'Neill, who initiated the MYRIAD research project in Oxford University investigating resilience and wellbeing in young people.

The day was different to any other school trip, and was a very interesting experience. It allowed all of us to think more abstractly and creatively, while learning more about the world together.

- Alice, Year 10, with thanks to Enya for the photograph with Dr Christopher O'Neill.

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