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December 02nd 2019

A Chilling, Creepy and Clear Macbeth

For the second year running, Drama Teacher Ms Gorman, supported by LAMDA Tutor Mr Mangan, has successfully led Year 9 to a stunning performance at the Woodville Theatre as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. 

Following the performance, Year 9 pupil Tara wrote, “The Year 9s performed Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ at the Woodville Theatre with the help of Ms Gorman and Mr Mangan: we couldn’t have done it without them!  The show went amazingly and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

“One student said ‘It was an amazing experience, truly memorable, and one that I will never forget’. Another said, “I loved how we got to express Shakespeare’s language in a new way, ‘All the hard work definitely paid off,’ complimented many audience members.

“The Year 9s loved every moment of it and would like to thank everyone that helped.”

Following their spellbinding performance at the local theatre, the girls gathered again at School to present their work to parents, staff and their peers, to much acclaim.  

Shortly after their performance, we received the appraisal of their Theatre performance. The review praised their performance enormously, saying, "Thank you for a creepy, chilling and clear Macbeth of clever casting and creative and confident ensemble work!" 

Read the full review.

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