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March 21st 2016

Starwalker: A Play of Intrigue and Mystery

The end of the Spring Term features the School Production, an annual event that is much-anticipated and enjoyed.

This term, the show was ‘Starwalker’, written by Year 12 student April.  You can find out more about April’s inspiration for the story in an earlier article.

The play, a ‘who-dunnit’-style murder mystery, focuses on aspiring actress Lila Melarde, who seeks fame and fortune in the Starwalker theatre.  All too soon it becomes evident that not all is what it seems at the Starwalker, with mysterious paranormal murders plaguing the theatre.  Many believe the murders are the handiwork of a ghost known as the Starwalker, and its henchmen ‘The Owned’.

But when Lila rejects the company of the narcissistic and bourgeois performers and befriends Eva Tempore and her bizarre production crew, she learns what it really means to be ‘owned’.

The story challenged society’s tendency to stereotype, and demonstrated that often in life, we are surprised when it is the people who are ostracised for being different who are the most caring – for example, of all the Starwalker characters, it is ‘Death’ and ‘Devil’ who are the most loving towards their companions.

April also wanted to challenge the unequal status of women, especially young women, in society, making her strongest and most dangerous characters all female.

Afterwards, Headmaster Mr Mitchell commended the production, saying it was inventive and entertaining.  Congratulations on an excellent show to all who took part, from being on stage, to working behind the scenes.  We look forward to next year’s show!

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