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March 07th 2017

A Day full of Character

Hogwarts had nothing on Cobham Hall on World Book Day! The School became, literally, Wonderland – complete with Alice and the Queen of Hearts.

Everywhere you turned, the School was filled with witches, Dalmatians, manga characters and more.  The day was a great success with many students dressing up for the occasion in fantastic costumes.  The winner was Arwen as Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series, having the perfect look and character attitude – she had even made her own wand!  Arwen even went to the effort of create a Book Day Quiz for staff and students to enjoy.  Runners up were Manga fans Keeley and Louise, who dressed up a scout from “Attack on a Titan” and Kuroko from “Kuroko’s Basketball” respectively.

The event raised over £130, with all proceeds going to ‘Book Aid International’, helping less privileged children have access to reading materials. Magic!

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