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February 28th 2017

Discovering Career Options

One Saturday morning, Years 10, 11 and 12, along with students on our Pre-IB Programme, attended a Careers Fair here at Cobham Hall.

Chaired by Mr Davies, parent to Year 11’s Laura, speakers included other parents of current students, Mr and Mrs Osenton- Welch, and Mr Massar, as well as Elders Jennifer Dick and Katharine Turner.

Assistant Headmistress Mrs Barrett commented, “The Fair went well.  All speakers spoke about the journey to their career and the skills that are needed in the workplace, not only to secure the job but to be successful;  the idea that having a good career is about being able to communicate clearly, to be enthusiastic, interested, positive and self-motivated, to be able and willing to problem solve and work in a team, to be flexible and adaptable: all often referred to as ‘employability’ or ‘transferable’ skills.  The speakers agreed that these skills were vital as the way the workplace is evolving, it was very unlikely that they would have the same employer throughout their career.

“It was made clear that for a limited number of jobs the type and class of degree was essential, but that, for the majority of careers, some possibly not even invented yet, the degree will allow them to apply for the job but not secure it: “Qualifications will get you the interview, but won’t get you hired”.  They all agreed it was important to do something that you love doing and not to sign up for a job that you think is a ‘good career’ as you will inevitably be unhappy.”

Jennifer Dick was popular; relating to many of the girls, explaining that she didn’t know what she wanted to do after school and so took a gap year.  She said it was important to secure your reputation and that one mistake was all it took to ruin future chances. That mistake could be a social media issue or a poor attitude.

The girls particularly enjoyed the smaller group chats, where they found it easier to have a discussion.

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