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February 22nd 2017

Humanities Forum Tackles Current Affairs

The latest Humanities Forum took place to debate the following motion: “This Forum believes that a return to protectionism and isolationism is a retrograde step reminiscent of the 1930s world order.”

Ruying and Tami, both Year 13, put forward their arguments for and against the motion in front of an audience of peers and staff.  Both Economics students, the girls had to do a remarkable amount of historical research in order to draw comparisons with the 1930s world order.

Tami, arguing for the motion, closed with a powerful reminder that “Historical record is clear; protectionism and isolationism is a policy for disaster that leads down the road to war.”  Ruying countered that today’s rule of law and international co-operation is very different to that of the 1930s, and closed by arguing that “the debate about protectionism rests on the problem of the uneven distribution of the benefits of free trade. Whilst there are some examples of this resulting in anti-globalisation, there are many more countries opening themselves up to trade. This makes today’s economic climate and world order totally different to that of 1930s, hence reaching a conclusion that disagrees with the forum’s statement.”

The girls coped remarkably well with difficult and contentious questions from the floor and Miss Williams commended the girls on their “impressive” performances.

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