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May 09th 2016

Cobham Hall Elders Celebrate Book Launch

Our Elders’ Association hosted an event at The Gallery, in London’s Fortum and Mason, to celebrate the launch of a book commemorating the first 50 years of Cobham Hall as a school.

The event was a success, with many going home with a copy of the book, and many wanting to share details of it with their school friends or former colleagues.  Along with Elders from throughout the School’s history, the event was also attended by Julia Booth, current Marketing Assistant, Kerry Smith, former Librarian, and Jan Massie from Brilliant White Design, who were all instrumental in the book’s production.

Chair of the Cobham Hall Elders’ Association, Tracey Balch, commented, “It was great to see so many Elders last Friday at the Cobham Hall Book Launch and I would like to thank everyone for all the positive and heart-warming messages afterwards about the drinks evening and also about the ‘must-have’ Cobham Hall book.

“Everyone has said what a wonderful venue it was and that it was the best food and wine we have ever had and many have written in saying ‘Can we hold our next event there again, please?’ I say …. Good plan!  Watch this space!

“Well done to everyone involved in the development and production of the book.  It is fabulous and captures so much of our numerous and memorable experiences there.  We have had such positive feedback and Elders are spreading the word to other Elders.  Fantastic.”

You can find out a little more about the book here, or contact for details if you wish to purchase a copy.

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