Support for our Sixth Form

At Cobham Hall we provide an exceptional learning experience which is complemented by an outstanding programme of individual support for all of our students.  As a mixed ability school, our motto ‘there is more in you than you think’ encourages all students, irrespective of age or ability, to thrive and go beyond what they thought possible.

Through a variety of strategies we actively support Sixth Form students through the many challenging aspects of preparing for examinations, making informed choices about their future university and career and encourage independence as we prepare them for life beyond school.   

Alongside our exceptional pastoral care we provide a strong programme of academic support ensuring that all of our students are challenged appropriately.  Our most able students, regardless of whether their strengths lie in the academic, creative or sporting arenas, are challenged by a variety of enrichment programmes designed to help them realise their full potential.  Small class sizes, a flexible curriculum and an outstanding Student Support Department help to ensure that all of our students are given the opportunity to develop their abilities and excel.

To discover more about the exceptional support provided to our Sixth Form students, please use the links below.

Pastoral Care

Learning Support

Tutorial System

Scholarships and Enrichment Programmes

University Challenge Programme

Study Rooms


University Support

English as a Foreign Language

Boarding Support

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