To ensure we offer the best and most informed careers advice to our students we use a variety of approaches. To fully prepare our girls for the world beyond school we engage external speakers from higher education institutes and the workplace to regularly visit our school to discuss and share experiences with our students. We hold drop-in clinics and discussions delivered through our tutorial programme, enabling our students to know themselves and make confident and informed choices for their future.

To ensure our girls have the best advice and continuous access to the latest, ever changing, careers advice they will join Inspiring Futures.  This is an external comprehensive career guidance programme that provides up-to-date and impartial careers guidance for young people from the age of 15 to 23.  Their personalised service consist of several stages of support ranging from initial student profiling and interview, to advice on decision making, understanding strengths and weaknesses and interview practice.  Students can also access a range of courses, workshops and events for specific areas of interest. More details can be found here.

We begin careers advice from Year 7. To find out more, visit the Careers page.