Welcome to the Unicorn Association, Cobham Hall's Parent-Teacher Association.  We hold a variety of events throughout the year for the school community to enjoy.

We have now released tickets to our main event of the year, our Candlelit Ball: this takes place on Saturday 16th March 2019. For more information and apply for tickets please click the link below. You may also wish to look at some photographs from the 2018 event.


Buy tickets for Quiz Night

Other events taking place this academic year are:

Summer Festival - Saturday 15th June 2019

Events for next year (2019-2020) are:

Quiz Night - Friday 20th September 2019

Fireworks Night - Saturday 9th November 2019


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Mini-Beast Exploration March 27th 2019

Mini-Beast Exploration

The Granville Retains! March 26th 2019

The Granville Retains!

The Sad Club Sparkles March 25th 2019

The Sad Club Sparkles