Our Fund Raising Projects

Current Project

Unicorn's current project is a refurbishment of the school gym. We are aiming to provide funds to completely redecorate the gym and purchase new equipment to replaced tired and worn out machines. Working with students a new gym is being designed to make the best use of the available space.

The room requires new double glazed window units (to replace blown windows), a complete repaint, new LED lighting and new mirrors. It is also planned to install a water dispenser and equip the gym with CCTV.

New equipment will be purchased for the gym, including a cross trainer, rowing machine, treadmill, recumbent bike, an abductor machine, new kettlebells, dumbells, mats and benches.

The anticipated cost of the project is £10,000.

This picture shows the current gym.

Gym photo squashed

Previous Projects

Previous purchases include school minibuses, refurbishing the cookery room, trampolines, swimming blocks for the school’s swimming pool and a piano.

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