One Year GCSE/IGCSE Course

For girls aged 15 - 16, and looking for a solid academic foundation before continuing on to Sixth Form, Cobham Hall offers a One Year GCSE/IGCSE Course.

Available to those on the Intensive English Support Programme or Pre-A Level, and who are staying for a full academic year, the One Year GCSE/IGCSE course provides experience of the English education system, as well as securing recognised qualifications.

Girls will study:

  • Mathematics GCSE 
  • English as a Second Language IGCSE
  • Biology IGCSE
  • Geography IGCSE

If required, girls can also complete a IGCSE in their native language, as well as taking English Cambridge International Examinations appropriate to their proficiency.

Girls will also join mainstream classes for Physical Education, Personal, Health and Social Education, Theory of Knowledge, and if their level of proficiency is suitable, Latin and French.  Spanish and German are also options, depending on timetabling and proficiency.

This specific course also provides the opportunity for GCSE/IGCSE retakes.  In this case, the subjects being retaken can be combined with the chance to study for additional GCSEs to build a full academic programme.

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