The Elders' Association BBC Studios Drinks Reception

The event was hosted by Cobham Hall Elder, Mishal Husain, at the BBC Studios in Central London and was attended by more than one hundred former students and staff.

Tracey Balch, Chair of the Cobham Hall Elders’ Association, commented, “It was wonderful to see so many faces from the past, to hear all the news and to catch up with people.  To think we had people in the room covering the majority of the years right from the beginning of Cobham Hall as a School until just a few years ago.  The event was really ‘buzzy’, ‘Cobham Hall noisy’, non-stop chatter and laughter and the food and wine flowed all evening.  A very big thank you to our host, an Elder, Mishal Husain and the BBC.

It was great to have the then Headmaster, Paul Mitchell, and the Leadership Team from the School and I know some Elder to Elder networking was going on too, which is great!  Thanks to the Elders’ Committee for organizing another magical evening.”

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