50th Anniversary Book

50th Book 001To mark the School’s 50th year, an anniversary book was commissioned by the School, Unicorn (PTA), and the Elders’ Association, who played an important role in the book’s development by providing school day recollections, newspaper clippings and photographs.

“Cobham Hall: The First 50 Years” is described in the synopsis on the elegant dust jacket as: “a celebration of a unique institution marking its half-century, not with a detailed history of the bricks and mortar, but with the memories, anecdotes and insights of those who have taught and studied there.  From its beginnings in 1962 right up to the 50th anniversary in 2012, the voices of those who have contributed to this collection bear witness to the evolution of a remarkable school.”

The video below celebrates the printing of the book, and the photos below show snippets. 

The book is priced at £20 + postage & packaging. If you would like to order a copy, please email Mrs Julia Booth via boothj@cobhamhall.com

Read about the Elders' Association Book Launch

“It was more than an education. It was daffodils and dusters, high jinks and helpless laughter. It was making a million memories and a lifetime of friendships. Sometimes you do know the value of something before it becomes a memory.”

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