Elders' Drinks Reception - Fortnum & Mason, London March 2018

Cobham Hall Elders gathered together at a Drinks Reception in The Gallery Restaurant, Fortnum and Mason, London on Thursday 15th March.  Drinks and canapés were enjoyed by Elders from the pioneering years, and attendees also included current Sixth Formers and Staff.  Elders were able to share their experiences and professions with their peers and inspire students.  Conversations flowed and laughter and chat filled the room. 

We were delighted to welcome Mr Alastair Dick-Cleland, from the Landmark Trust, and Mrs Virginia Duncanson, Chair of the Cobham Hall Heritage Trust, there to promote the restoration of The Old Dairy.  Elders had an opportunity to discover more, view photographs and to reminisce on its past uses!

The occasion was a poignant moment to introduce the new Headmistress (from September 2018), Ms Maggie Roberts, who mingled with past and present Cobham Hall girls and staff.  The Elders' Association presented Ms Roberts with a welcome gift and thanked her for attending the evening. 

A gift was also presented to Caroline Stevenson, for long service on the Elders' Committee. We also celebrated two special birthdays - one for a current Sixth Former and the other a Cobham Hall Pioneer.

The evening also marked the launch of the Cobham Hall Elders' Professional Directory (CHEPS), only available to Elders.  There is a networking area on the Cobham Hall Elders' Facebook site (replacing the old printed handbook) where Elders can link up with other Elders from different professions, eg artist, photographer, designer, lawyer, author, gardener, doctor, physiotherapist, to name but a few.  We would like to encourage all Elders to submit a paragraph on their profession, along with a contact email or telephone number, if possible. 

The Cobham Hall 50th Anniversary Book was also available for sale, along with a postcard book featuring a selection of images of Cobham Hall and its artefacts.

Mrs Tracey Balch, Chairman of the Elders' Association, thanked everyone for attending "a happy Cobham Hall Elders' reunion". 

For more information about the event or for details of future Elders' events, please contact boothj@cobhamhall.com or tracey.balch@outlook.com.

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