Intensive English Summer Programme

Towards the end of the Summer Term, we offer an exciting and unique immersive learning experience, which gives students the chance to experience life at a British Boarding school, while improving their English and meeting new people.



Programmes of study are tailored to the needs of each individual student. This means that girls receive a balanced, integrated timetable that will combine intensive EFL lessons with other subjects.  During these other subjects, girls will be in mainstream classes. A sample timetable is available below.

Students are taught by qualified EFL specialists during their English Language lessons. The Programme focuses on helping them to learn the grammar, skills and communication strategies they will need to interact with both young people and adults, and to support their academic studies. Students have the opportunity to learn new skills and to use the language they have learned in the classroom in real situations. They interact with other students across the curriculum, and engage in exciting learning experiences.

Excursions and sightseeing trips during the week and at weekends with our Boarders enable students to get to know the local area and to experience English culture first-hand. Additionally, the fourth week of the Programme involves intensive EFL lessons combined with exciting excursions to sites of significance in the local area, allowing the girls the opportunity to practise their English in a variety of different settings. A sample of this can also be found below.

This Programme is available at various Common European Framework levels for between one and four weeks in June 2020. The current fee is £951 per week per student, for all ages and year groups. This is an Early-Bird booking price and early booking is encouraged.  The price will be reviewed in the Spring Term and is likely to increase.  This fully inclusive fee covers all tuition and accommodation costs, non-residential academic trips and weekend activities, stationery, and the loan of full school uniform and sportswear.

To find out more, or to book a place, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Julie Shelley, and our Assistant Registrar, Mrs Hilary Standen, via or on +44 (0) 1474 823371


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Intensive English Summer Programme, June 2019

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