Cobham Hall welcomes Miss Katie Bowdery as our Artist-in-Residence.

Artist-in-Residence Programme

Employing an Artist-in-Residence is about helping our girls to explore Art beyond examination requirements by following a creative professional into exploratory, exciting and original realms. The experience will be transformational: enhancing and developing the Art Department, and providing an exciting and stimulating opportunity for our Art students, who are able to witness and work alongside an artist, learning to understand her creative process. In turn, they will be encouraged to explore their own creativity, and develop their own skills.

The Artist-in-Residence programme is an integral part of Cobham Hall’s belief that participating in creative processes boosts academic achievement and social skills. This belief has considerable statistical proof: Last year a report presented to Parliament by 60 high profile artists revealed conclusively how students perform better in a stimulating creative environment just like the one Miss Bowdery will provide.

Miss Bowdery participates in Art and Photography classes across the Year Groups, encouraging and helping the students. She has been involved in introducing and working towards a competition with the Year 12s, and after-school workshops with Year 10s which introduced them to different techniques.  At the same time, Miss Bowdery has been developing her own practise and producing a body of work to be exhibited at a later date.

During Miss Bowdery’s year-long residency, she is looking forward to holding an exhibition featuring the artwork of students of Cobham Hall, and aims to get everybody excited and involved in the process.  She will also take part and lead various types of artistic workshops throughout the School and encourage a friendly creative environment.

For our Artist, the aim of this residency is to support her early career as an artist as she finds a way to establish and support herself in the industry. Benefitting from accommodation, studio space and the support of the School for a year, the residency allows Miss Bowdery the opportunity to explore her work freely, and learn to make a living from her creations free from financial restraints. 

About Miss Bowdery

Katie received her First-Class Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at the University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury in June 2018. During her three years at university, she participated and assisted in the running of exhibitions, competitions, publications and societies. In March 2017, she was selected for a full scholarship towards a month-long residency in Cyprus College of Art, with a group exhibition at the end as a part of Paphos City of Culture 2017. 

Miss Bowdery’s Art

Miss Bowdery’s site-specific installations incorporate a variety of exciting materials and draws inspiration from poetry, human emotions and literature. She experiments through sketches and paintings, whilst collecting an array of materials and objects from her surroundings. Miss Bowdery’s work is a response to tactile materials, the traces left by humans and an exploration of herself within each new environment.

To find out more or get in contact visit Katie’s website or follow her art Instagram @katiebowdery.

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