Our dedicated chefs and catering staff work hard to make delicious, nutritious food for everyone all year round.

A hot lunch is served each day, with a vegetarian option available.  There is also a well-stocked salad bar, and Paninis and wraps are also available on some days. Day girls are welcome to stay for breakfast and supper free of charge, and frequently do!

In keeping with the Round Square ethos of internationalism, the chefs like to celebrate the culinary traditions of other countries – there may be pain au chocolat for breakfast, roast beef for lunch and then perhaps some sweet and sour chicken for supper!  Our chefs are conscious of cultural culinary requirements, and are used to dealing with a wide range of allergies.  They ensure that all food is clearly labelled, and are always happy to discuss options with girls for addressing their specific needs.

Girls are encouraged to get actively involved by suggesting and sometimes cooking meals from around the World on internationally themed days and during the School’s Cultural week.  In addition, girls are welcome to attend half-termly Food Committee meetings with our catering staff.  They can discuss the menu options and any changes suggested by them are reviewed and where possible implemented.  The girls also have the chance to sample and review new dishes.

Girls are taught about the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet through timetabled Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons.  Mealtimes are overseen by Housemistresses to ensure girls are attending and are eating a healthy diet.

Please click below to view this half-term’s menu choices.

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