Cobham Hall is a non-denominational, multi-faith school which takes girls from all religious backgrounds and those who follow no particular faith at all.

This does not mean that religion ceases to be important to us as we celebrate the diversity of all our students’ cultures and religions. We also help girls practise and experience their religion and its traditions through organisations within the school and in the wider community.

Co-ordinated by Mrs Hillier, girls are introduced to the options for religious worship when they begin at school and each girl is encouraged to come to discuss how they would like to be involved. For example, girls might go to local church or prayer services each week, be invited to celebrate Eid or Diwali with local families, or attend confirmation classes arranged by the school.

Spirituality is a regular topic for School Assemblies, helping students understand various religions and making girls aware of religious festivals and notable days. Religious Studies modules, focusing on world and philosophcal perspectives on religious issues, form part of the PSHE curriculum in Years 7-11.

In school there is a room reserved for individual prayer and quiet reflection.