We understand that life can get hectic.  By offering full, weekly and flexi-boarding, Cobham Hall provides the ultimate flexibility for families.  

From the morning breakfast routine, with school drop-offs for children attending different schools, to the evening collection with various times depending on those extra-curricular activites, followed by the homework and dinner juggle, family time can get fraught.  

One of the biggest benefits of attending a Boarding and Day School is that we’re always open!  Day girls are more than welcome to come in early for breakfast, or stay late for supper – and many do when attending trips or extra-curricular activities - all at no extra cost.

Additionally, alongside the full boarding package, we also offer flexi-boarding.  Need a single overnight stay due to a trip or other school activity, or even because your daughter just wants time with her friends?  We can arrange that. There’s even a Friday night discount!  Moving house or having to go away for work, or does your daughter have examinations coming up? Try weekly boarding as a short or longer-term solution.   Whatever your Boarding needs, we are able to offer a choice of options to suit your requirements.