Extra Curricular Activities at Cobham Hall

"Achievement in extra-curricular activities is excellent."

Independent Schools' Inspectorate Report 2015

As part of our aim to provide girls with the opportunity to develop every aspect of their character, we are proud of the breadth of our extra-curricular programme. 

We’re equally proud of the uptake, with many girls eager to take part in a wide range of activities. Stop by netball club and the girl making the winning shot may very well be the same girl making an impassioned speech as a delegate at a Model United Nations General Assembly.  

Many of our clubs present girls with an opportunity to develop their skills or try something new, potentially discovering unknown talents, and provide a springboard to compete at regional and national level.  Many of our girls rank highly in music as well as a variety of sports disciplines such as triathlon, equestrianism and cross-country.  Where necessary, we work with external venues to further support students’ interests and talents.

Older girls are encouraged to establish or run clubs to develop their leadership skills. Recent examples include a Sixth Form Baking Club, and Cobham Activist, a discussion group. All of our clubs and activities serve a purpose – whether that’s to develop soft skills of communication, teamwork, negotiation, or resilience, or to simply have fun and relax during the school day.  Links on the left provide the chance to get a glimpse of life outside of lessons at Cobham Hall.

“The programme of extra-curricular activities is excellent.”

- Independent Schools' Inspectorate, 2015

Extra-Curricular Timetable: Autumn A


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