Duke of Edinburgh Award


Fulfilling our Round Square IDEALS of Adventure, Leadership and Service is The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, available to students from Year 9 and up.  Cobham Hall is proud to be a Directly Licensed Centre for this prestigious award.

Valued greatly by universities and employers alike, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award develops pupils' confidence, resilience and determination.  There are three levels to complete - Bronze, Silver and Gold, with four core sections (or five for the Gold Award).

These sections are:

  • Volunteering
  • Physical
  • Skills
  • Expedition
  • Residential (for the Gold Award only)

Many students have taken on a new challenge for their award, such as learning a new skill or taking part in a new activity, and continued to take part even after completing their Award because they found an unknown talent in themselves, or simply found something new that they really enjoy doing. 

Of course, perhaps the biggest challenge is the expedition.  A two- or three-night camping trip, utilising skills of self-sufficiency, teamwork, communication, navigation and leadership. Our girls find a way to make this fun - as can be seen in the video below, created as part of the Skills section of the Award!  Team member Saskia, Year 13, explains, "Our DofE group project work was entitled: 'The Reasons Why I Left My DofE Group'. We wanted to take the reasons why someone may become annoyed with their group and exaggerate them. Everyone had a different role to play and it was fun filming and coming up with scene ideas that were both entertaining and funny. We wanted to emulate the style of a reality TV show or a mockumentary so we filmed interviews and reactions. Although the camera was temperamental and we had to film a lot of things more than once, we all had a lot of fun making our project work and it really added to the experience of DofE."

You can find out more about The Duke of Edinburgh's Award on their website.