At Cobham Hall, the Art Department caters for girls who simply enjoy the subject as well as those aiming for the country’s top Art and Design colleges.

IMG 6133Facilities

The Art Department has two large art studios, a still life photographic studio and digital manipulation suite with Apple Macs with the latest photographic software. There is also a dark room and a kiln room.

Clay Workshop

A weekly class in clay and pottery, run by a specialist teacher, is open to girls in all years.

GCSE & Sixth Form Art Prep

The Art Department holds a weekly, staffed session after school to help GCSE and Sixth Form students progress and develop their work.  Recognising that great works of art cannot be rushed, Sixth Form art students are allowed to use all facilities in the Art Department until bedtime every evening and there are opportunities for girls in younger years to make use of the studios throughout the year.