The Music Department caters for all musical abilities and levels in its extra-curricular programme – from those who enjoy the “lift” gained from singing in a choir to those who want musical training in preparation for performance at the highest level.

There is an eclectic mix of music chosen and performed by all groups ranging from classical to contemporary, aiming to entertain and challenge all who participate.


All girls can join the School’s main choir regardless of age or training. Girls do not have to have formal singing lessons or be studying music. Membership of the Chamber Choir, Benesonantes, is by audition or invitation for more advanced singers.  The Choir and Chamber Choir have visited Krakow, Poland, and Budapest, Hungary, to sing at some of these cities' historic churches.  Below is a video of Benesonantes singing 'Carol of the Bells' during their tour to Budapest.



Instrumental groups

There is a Junior Ensemble for any instrumentalists from beginners up to Music Grade Three. There is also a Senior Trio of musicians with higher grades. Other instrumental groups are created based on musical ability and upcoming events – for example, GCSE and Sixth Form Music students recently formed a highly acclaimed percussion group who performed “Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye for the Summer Concert and Festival Day.

Music theory

There are weekly Musical Theory sessions for girls taking advanced Music Theory examinations in preparations for higher grade practical examinations.

Accompaniment rehearsals

Dependent on demand and upcoming performances, accompaniment rehearsals run once a week to help individual girls prepare for examinations, concerts, the school play, competitions or events such as the Music Festival.

Concerts, performances and competitions

Each year there are many opportunities for girls to perform in public, both in groups or as solo performers. The Carol Service and the Summer Concert are held annually, while lunch time concerts and recitals are common. 

Private lessons

Private lessons can be taken in singing as well as almost any instrument.

Music facilities and Practice rooms

Apart from several pianos to be found around the school (including the grand pianos in Bligh House’s Common Room and the Gilt Hall), the Music Wing houses the majority of music facilities. As well as several practice rooms designated for various different kind of instrument including percussions and woodwind, there is a recording suite, a computer suite for digital music production, and two main music rooms.