Round Square Opportunities

As well as being able to attend conferences around the world, students also have the chance to take part in exchanges and international service projects.


With a network of more than 180 schools, the choice for an exchange is vast.  Australia or India? Canada or China? America or Singapore? Africa or Europe?  With so many options open to students – all giving an incredibly different experience – the difficulty isn’t so much deciding whether or not to go, but where!  You could improve your language skills by visiting a school with a different first language, or explore how different cultures live by choosing a homestay.

At Cobham Hall, girls from Years 7 to 13 are able to choose from any school within the Round Square network, provided her chosen school has the space. Exchanges can last for two weeks to a full half-term, and students can either stay with a host family or within the school, depending on the facilities available.  The activities undertaken by the student will vary depending on the programme offered by the host school.

International Service Projects

Girls in Year 12 at Cobham Hall have the opportunity to join international teams of students from other Round Square schools to help some of the world’s poorest communities.  Projects have involved working with local people to build, repair or renovate schools and community centres, or provide facilities to improve drinking water.  In addition to the service work, the girls also have the chance to take in the culture, sights and experiences the country they are visiting has to offer. Cobham Hall girls have been involved recently in projects in Peru and South Africa.