Years 10 and 11: IGCSE

Students are taught the Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry course. No coursework is required, but the development of investigation skills is still an important element of the course. IGCSE courses are a good foundation for A Levels.

Students acquire practical and investigative skills and learn to appreciate the importance of accurate experimental work. Students learn to describe and explain patterns in data and learn to evaluate the social, environmental and economic impact of scientific developments.

There is emphasis on the wide spread importance of chemistry and its impact on environmental issues.

Sixth Form: A Level

Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interaction between them.  Knowledge of Chemistry gives a better understanding of the world and allows greater appreciation of the nature of the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the water you drink, and medicines you take.  Chemists use their experiments and knowledge to develop medicines, foods, fabrics and other materials, from neon lights to shatterproof glass.  A good chemist is able to describe and explain observations and patterns in data, think about abstract ideas, should be a competent mathematician and be able to carry out practical work effectively to obtain good quality results.  At Cobham Hall, students experience a practical approach to learning Chemistry.