Years 10 and 11: IGCSE

Students are taught the Edexcel IGCSE Physics course. No coursework is required, but the development of investigation skills is still an important element of the course. IGCSE courses are a good foundation for A Levels. Physics also forms part of the Science Dual Award course for those who take this option rather than the three separate sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students acquire practical and investigative skills and learn to appreciate the importance of accurate experimental work. Forces and motion, electricity and radioactivity are all part of the course.

Students learn to describe and explain patterns in data and learn to evaluate the social, environmental and economic impact of scientific developments.

Sixth Form: A Level

Physics is the subject for those who are curious about the laws that govern the behaviour of everything from the smallest quarks to the largest Super Novae.  Studying Physics requires not only data handling, Mathematics and ICT, but also imagination, creativity and communication skills and so helps develop you as an all-round learner. 

A good physicist is able to describe and explain observations and patterns in data, think about abstract ideas, be competent at mathematics and be able to carry out practical work effectively to obtain good quality results.  At Cobham Hall, students experience a practical approach to learning Physics.