Mrs Davina Jackson

Davina jacksonHousemistress for Years 12 and 13 in Brooke House, and School Nurse

Mrs Jackson went to boarding school herself and recalls that, as a junior girl, she could regularly be found in the Headmistress’s Study, usually for being caught having a midnight feast. Nothing much changed as she progressed to Senior school, except, it seems, she was not caught so often! So girls, you have been warned – Mrs Jackson knows what you are up to.

Working for many years as a qualified District Nurse, Mrs Jackson enjoyed the job for its sense of community, cultural diversity and variety – no two days were ever the same. Incidentally, this is a perfect preparation for becoming a Housemistress, as the same rules apply!

Mrs Jackson runs Brooke House, where she lives with her husband, Mr Jackson, who works with the School’s Maintenance team and drives one of the daily mini bus routes for day girls. They also have a dog, called Freddie, whose biggest dilemma in life is which rabbit to chase each morning.

Mrs Jackson practiced skills essential to boarding by having two of her own children, who are both now grown up and married. Joining Cobham in September 2014, Mrs Jackson enjoys working with the girls for all the different personalities and backgrounds which fill her boarding house.