Mrs Dana Didzinskiene

Dana dHousemistress for Sixth Form

If Mrs Didzinskiene were to give a physical description of herself in her role as a Housemistress, it would, no doubt, seem rather hideous: big broad shoulders to cry on and to help her “little ones” carry the burdens of perceived teenage hardships, one huge eye to keep watch over all her boarders, long arms for comforting or celebrating the woes and successes of her girls, and huge ears for listening to whoever needs to pour out her heart and soul today for dissection and repair. Thankfully, of course, this description is purely metaphorical and Mrs Didzinskiene does not look like a disproportionate monster of a woman (in fact several of her boarders would attest to precisely the opposite!)

Mrs Didzinskiene is Lithuanian born and bred and educated with Bachelors and Masters Degrees. She has been a teacher, headmistress and an inspector of schools. She has successfully raised two children of her own and, although she looks far too young for them, has four grandchildren.

She works from her heart as well as her head and enjoys the mutual benefits of being a Housemistress – the ability to make people feel worthy and to feel worthy herself in return. She is sure that it is her work with the young and energetic that keeps her feeling fresh and spritely herself!